Memphis Rebounders Benefits

1. The Rebounders is the Official Tiger Basketball group (Formed in 1965)

2. 100% of the monies are used for recruiting & player needs

3. Membership has increased by 400% over the past 7 years

4. Membership is $100 per person, $150 for a couple & $175 for a family (children under 18)

5. Exclusive & fun rebounder sponsored events gives rebounder members the opportunity to take photos with & get to know the Coaches & Players 1 on 1.

6. Rebounder events include (Kick Off Practice & Dinner, Rebounders Golf Tournament,  After Practice Dinners & Season End Banquet

7. Rebounder locker room in Lexus Lounge available to  Rebounder members to meet & socialize one hour prior to most home games.

8. Exclusive reserved section for rebounder members at Memphis Madness

9. Discounts for members at Tiger Bookstore & Authorized rebounder member businesses